The Mass of the Resurrection

The new Roman Missal 3rd edition is finally and officially being implemented this Advent, November 27th, 2011.  However, we have known of its coming for many years already.  Since 2008 when the prayers were nearly complete I have been working on setting those ordinary parts of the Mass to music (the Lord Have Mercy, Glory to God, Alleluia, Holy Holy, Mystery of Faith, Great Amen and Lamb of God).

It has been an inspiring, joyful, fulfilling and sometimes frustrating experience.  Composing the music and figuring out how to ideally set the words of the prayers to the music continually energizes me and feeds my creativity.After many changes, revisions and rewrites I have finally completed The Mass of the Resurrection.  It is my honor to dedicate this composition to the parishioners of the Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City, MD.  It is my hope that the people will find the words set in a prayerful manner, easily sung and distinguishable as a prayer, melodically compelling and harmonically pleasing.

On this page you will find recordings and the printed melody.  Please feel free to download both for your personal use.  I hope you are able to listen often in order to better learn these Mass parts and then sing them each Sunday.  If you are interested in acquiring a score to play/sing from please contact me directly.

Many thanks to my good friend Todd McCagg without whom so much of this would not have come about.  He is responsible for everything you are hearing that is NOT the piano or voice.  Todd is extremely talented, gracious and available for more recording work!

To LISTEN to the mp3’s click on the image below:


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